The Department of Pediatrics of the University of the Philippines Manila –Philippine General Hospital will be known as a:
  • Leader in innovative teaching in Pediatrics in undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Center for excellence in general pediatrics and subspecialty services
  • Hub or collaborative, interdisciplinary research addressing the country’s health issues and concerns
  • Model of efficiency and transparency in governance

. . . accountable to God and the nation.



We shall develop a core of well-rounded pediatric specialists who are:
  • Innovative teachers outstanding in learner-centered programs that are community-oriented, nationally-relevant and globally-recognized;
  • Astute clinicians delivering comprehensive healthcare services, employing appropriate technology, tempered with compassion, relevance and sensitivity to socio-cultural dimensions;
  • Outstanding researchers with the highest standard of investigative skills and cited in both national and international scientific publications;
  • Well-rounded professionals with integrity, reverence for God, and care for humanity.




Produce competent graduates with a strong foundation in pediatrics through relevant and responsive undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, demonstrating proper medical and professional ethics


Deliver quality patient services with optimal patient safety and acceptable rate of hospital-related infections


Generate original researches published in peer-reviewed national and international journals aligned with aligned with the university research agenda (health technology development, health financing, health service development, socio-environmental health concerns)


  • Exhibit efficiency  and  transparency  in  the  fund  generation, utilization, mobilization, accounting, and donor acknowledgement.
  • Attain a sustainable human resource management in recruitment, development, placement, recognition, retention, and succession of highly qualified faculty and support staff.
  • Deliver an effective infrastructure management (building maintenance and reliable internet connectivity) and equipment management (procurement and maintenance) for optimization of services in a conducive environment


1Alinea, Ma. Cecilia D.       CHIEF
2Agrasada, Ma. Gracia
3Garcia, Edilberto Jr. B. 
4Lopez, Anna Ma. Lena L
5Silao, Catherine Lynn T. (Genetics)
6Arceo-Plucena, Leah Patricia M. (Cardiology)
7Velasco-Aro, Sally Jane G. (Infectious Disease)
8Valle, Andrea Orel S. (Cardiology)
9Yap, Justine Iris C. (Cardiology)
10Llanto, Emma A.     CHIEF
11Torres-Ticzon, Vanessa F.
12Recto, Marysia Stella T.     CHIEF
13Sumpaico, Madeleine W.
14Castor, Mary Anne R. 
15Casis-Hao, Roxanne J.
16Nano, Aimee Lou M.
17Sablan, Benjamin Jr. P.     CHIEF
18Madrid, Bernadette J.     
19Tan, Merle P.
20Tomas, Angelica Cecilia H.
21Ramboanga, Melissa P.
22Ty, Edison T.     CHIEF
23Malanyaon, Olympia Q.      
24Del Rosario, Jose Jonas D.
25Sison, Ma. Concepcion C.  
26Acosta, Cecilienne S. 
27Cheng, Dexter Eugene D. 
28Reyes, Alexis Socorro L.      CHIEF
29Manalo, Stella G.
30Villadolid, Rita Grace R.
31Moral, Ma. Anna Lourdes A.
32Quilendrino, Maria Isabel O.
33Ang-Nolasco, Victoria Dominique C.
34Cu, Jonathan S.    CHIEF
35Ribaya, Ma. Victoria C.
36Cua, Sioksoan C.      CHIEF
37Abad, Lorna R.
38Estrada, Sylvia C.
39Santos, Caridad M.
40Gregorio, Germana V.
41Rogacion, Jossie M.     
42Sio-Aguilar, Juliet O.
43Lagunzad, Novette Regina M.
44Dela Paz, Eva Maria C.     CHIEF
45Padilla, Carmencita D.
46Alcausin, Ma. Melanie Liberty B.
47Abacan, Mary Ann R.
48Chiong, Mary Anne D.
49Alcasabas, Ana Patricia A.
50Fajardo, Pamela D.
51Estanislao, Jochrys I.
52Ong-Lim, Anna Lisa T.      CHIEF
53Gatchalian, Salvacion R.     
54Gonzales, Ma. Liza Antoinette M.     
55Pagcatipunan, Marimel R. 
56Maramba-Lazarte, Cecilia Nelia C.
57Delos Reyes, Carmina A. 
58Uy, Herbert Michael G.
59Villamor, Hannah
60Bambo, Karen E.
61Cua, Charissa Sharmaine E.
62Faustino,  Edward Vincent S. (Visiting Professor)
63Bonzon, Dolores D.     CHIEF
64Anacleto, Francisco Jr. E.
65Aragon, Eric Emmanuel T.
66Resontoc, Lourdes Paula R.
67Sanchez-Gan, Benilda C.     CHIEF
68Lukban, Marissa B.     
69Tan, Marilyn A.  
70Lubaton-Sacro, Cheryl Anne P.
71Calotes-Castillo, Loudella V.
72Bolaños, Martha L.
73Salonga-Quimpo, Rhea Angela M.
74Bautista, Resti Ma. M.  CHIEF
75Mantaring, Jacinto Blas III V.    
76Uy, Ma. Esterlita V.
77Libadia, Aurora Gloria I.
78Abat-Senen, Kathlynne Anne 
79De Ocampo, Fay S.
80Tuazon, Alexander O.     CHIEF
81Bautista, Kevin L.
82Dychiao, Roslyn Marie K.     
83Tanega-Aliling, Kristine H.
84Dans, Leonila F.     CHIEF
85Tee, Cherica A.
86Domingo, Carmelita F.
87Arcadio, Ramon L.
88Alfiler, Carmelo A.
89Bravo, Lulu C.



Pediatric Charity Wards (Wards 9 and 11)
Hematology Oncology Ward
Pediatric Pay Wards
Pediatric Emergency Room
Pediatric Outpatient Clinics

  • General Pediatrics
  • Subspecialty Clinics (Premature and High-risk Baby Clinic, Adolescent Clinic, Allergy Clinic, Cancer Clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Clinical Genetics, Developmental and Behavioral Clinic, Endocrine and Metabolic Clinic, General Neurology Clinic, GI and Nutrition Clinic, Hematology Clinic, Infectious Disease Clinic, Pulmonary Clinic, Renal Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic)

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Kangaroo Mother Care Unit
School for the Chronically Ill Children (Silahis ng Kalusugan)


Inpatient Management Services
Outpatient Consultations
Human Milk Bank and Lactation Unit
Lipat Kalinga Transitioning Patient Care
Diagnostic Procedures

  • Allergen Skin Testing
  • Cranial Ultrasonography
  • Developmental Screening and Assessment
  • Echocardiography
  • Percutaneosu Kidney Biopsy and Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Percutaneous Liver Biopsy
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Upper GI Endoscopy and Colonoscopy

Treatment Programs

  • Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Genetic Disorders
  • Non-invasive Interventional Cardiology
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