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The Department is comprised of 14 Sections:

  • Section of Adult Medicine
  • Section of Allergy/Immunology
  • Section of Cardiology
  • Section of Dermatology
  • Section of Endocrinology
  • Section of Gastroenterology
  • Section of Hematology
  • Section of Hypertension
  • Section of Infectious Diseases
  • Section of Nephrology
  • Section of Nuclear Medicine
  • Section of Oncology
  • Section of Pulmonary Medicine
  • Section of Rheumatology



The Filipino people served by a community of scholars, who are excellent in health care, training and research, and who are nurtured by the Department of Medicine and distributed throughout the Philippines as heads of community organizations in their own locale.


To attain excellence and relevance in Internal Medicine and its specialties through the implementation of effective quality programs in primary to tertiary levels of service, training and research.

From its humble beginnings in 1907, the Department of Medicine, established initially as a teaching, service, and research section of the Philippine Medical School, has evolved into what is now considered the largest clinical department of the UP College of Medicine and the Philippine General Hospital.

The Department was originally housed in the School for the Deaf and Blind along Malecon Drive (now Bonifactio Drive). Its clinical activites were held at the St. Paul’s Hospital, which had fifty beds and a dispensary. The first head of the department was Dr. William E. Musgrave, organizer of the Graduate School of Tropical Medicine and one of the founders of the Far East Association of Tropical Medicine. Assisting him were Dr. Ariston L. Bautista, a professor of clinical medicine, and Dr. Antonio G. Sison, an instructor and intern in clinical medicine.

In January 1911, the department was transferred to the PGH, recognized as the official teaching hospital of the UPCM.  The onset of World War II did not deter the department from fulfilling its duties, and it persevered in its service and training by providing ECG facilities, promoting exchange programs with medical schools in the United States and Europe, recruiting foreign instructors, and initiating linkages with San Lazaro Hospital and the Quezon Institute. In spite of limited resources, the staff valiantly attended to war Casualties an patients suffering from malnutrition and ifectious diseases.

Fate dealt a cruel blow, however, when in February 1945, during the climactic days of the war, almost all of the facilities of the PGH and the UPCM were destroyed. With the help of the US Army Medical Corps, The College and Hospital struggled and resumed their operations six month later.

 Number of Years


Internal Medicine3




Allergy and Immunology2
Adult Cardiology3
Interventional Cardiology3
Infectious Disease2
Medical Oncology2
Pulmonnary Medicine2

Section of Adult Medicine

  • Nicodemus, Nimencio Jr. A. (Section Head)
  • Abat, Mark Evans M.
  • Berba, Regina P.
  • Co, Homer U.
  • Dans, Antonio Miguel L. 
  • Dela Vega, Shelley Ann F.
  • Loyola, Aldrin B.
  • Maghuyop, Norman L. 
  • Palileo-Villanueva, Lia Aileen M.                                          
  • Tamondong-Lachica, Diana R.    
  • Tranquilino, Francisco P.                   

Section of Allergy/Immunology 

  • Aleta, Lara Theresa A. (Section Head)    
  • Agcaoili-de Jesus, Ma. Socorro                                  
  • Cervantes, Cherie O.                                                  
  • Otadoy-Agustin, Jenifer       

Section of Cardiology

  • Añonuevo, John de C (Section Head)  
  • Abelardo, Nelson S.**
  • Abola, Maria Teresa B.                                              
  • Agbayani, Michael Joseph F.                                      
  • Alajar, Elaine B.                                                          
  • Dee, Wilfred G.                                                           
  • Gervacio-Domingo, Giselle                            
  • Gloria, Frederick Philip B.
  • Jara, Raul D.**                               
  • Llanes, Elmer Jasper B.                                               
  • Magno, Jose Donato A.                                              
  • Marañon, Donato R.                                                  
  • Punzalan, Felix Eduardo R.                                         
  • Reganit, Paul Ferdinand M.                                       
  • Reyes, Eugenio B.                        
  • Sy, Rody G.**  
  • Tangco, Rogelio V 
  • Uy, Celia Catherine C                                                          

Section of Dermatology

  • Frez, Ma. Lorna F.  (Section Head)
  • Ciriaco-Tan, Cynthia  
  • Cubillan, Eileen Liesl A. 
  • Dofitas, Belen L.  
  • Mojica, Winlove P.
  • Pastorfide, Georgina C.  
  • Roa, Francisca C.             
  • Silva, Claudine Y.   

Section of Endocrinology

  • Acampado, Laura Rosario T. (Section Head)
  • Cruz, Ma. Cecille A.
  • Isip-Tan, Iris Thiele C.   
  • Jasul, Gabriel V. Jr.
  • Jimeno, Cecilia A.
  • Lim-Abrahan, Mary Anne  
  • Maningat, Patricia Deanna
  • Pacheco, Elizabeth P. 
  • Sandoval, Mark Anthony S.
  • Sedurante, Myrna B.
  • Ang, Frances Lina L. (Attending Physician, PGH)

Section of Gastroenterology

  • Daez, Ma. Lourdes O. (Section Head)  
  • Bañez, Virgilio P.
  • Comia, Antonio C
  • De Lusong, Mark Anthony A.
  • Domingo, Ernesto O. (Univ. Professor Emeritus)
  • Maralit, Ruter M.
  • Nolasco, Eulenia R.
  • Ong, Janus P.  
  • Prodigalidad, Patricia Anne C.
  • Salvaña, Angela D.
  • Sison, Ma. Cecilia M.
  • Sy, Peter P.
  • Zaño, Felix M.

Section of Hematology

  • Mirasol, Ma. Angelina L. (Section Head)
  • Bonifacio, Lynn B.
  • Castillo, German Jr. J. 
  • Dumagay, Teresita E.
  • Escasa, Ivy Mae S.
  • Santos, Maria Clariza M.
  • Veloso, Januario D.

Section of Hypertension

  • Santos, Lourdes Ella G. (Section Head)
  • David-Ona, Deborah Ignacia                                      
  • Oliva, Raymond V.                                             

Section of  Infectious Diseases

  • Montoya, Jaime C. (Section Head)
  • Abad, Cybele Lara R.
  • Alejandria, Marissa M.
  • Buensalido, Joseph Adrian L.
  • Destura, Raul V.           
  • Lim, Jodor A.
  • Roman, Arthur Dessi E.
  • Roxas, Evalyn A.
  • Salamat, Maria Sonia S.
  • Salvaña, Edsel Maurice T.
  • Velmonte, Melecia A.   

Section of Nephrology

  • Duavit, Ma. Isabel L. (Section Head)
  • Alonso, Raymond S. 
  • Ang, Anne Margaret J.
  • Cabral, Brian I. 
  • Dimacali, Coralie Therese D. 
  • Gomez, Lynn A.
  • Gueco, Irmingarda P. 
  • Mejia, Agnes D.
  • Montemayor, Elizabeth S.
  • Tan, Rey Jaime M.
  • Villanueva, Russel T.

Section of Nuclear Medicine

  • Obaldo, Jerry M. (Section Head)  
  • Liao, Cynthia U.
  • Ogbac, Ruben V.
  • Pauco, Arnel E.

Section of Oncology

  • Ignacio, Jorge G. (Section Head)
  • Cornelio, Gerardo H.
  • Fernando, Gracieux Y.
  • Ngelangel, Corazon A.
  • Real, Irisyl O.
  • Sacdalan, Dennis L. 
  • Sandoval-Tan, Jennifer B.
  • Strebel, Heinrick Martin Jude S.

Section of Pulmonary Medicine

  • Fernandez, Lenora C. (Section Head)
  • Albay, Albert Jr. B. 
  • Balgos, Abundio A. ** 
  • Benedicto, Jubert P.
  • Chavez, Joselito R.
  • David-Wang, Aileen S.
  • Divinagracia, Ruth Marie R.
  • Jorge, Manuel Peter Paul II C.
  • Roa, Camilo Jr. C. 
  • Santiaguel, Joel M.
  • Siasoco, Ma. Bella R.
  • Silos, Manuel Hector U. 
  • Tanchuco, Joven Q.

Section of Rheumatology

  • Salido, Evelyn O. (Section Head)
  • Amante, Clemente M.
  • Amante, Eric Jason
  • Lorenzo, Jose Paulo P.
  • Penserga, Ester G.
  • Racaza, Geraldine Z.
  • Reyes, Bernadette Heizel M.  
  • Santiago, Angeline-Therese M.
  • Tee, Michael L.

*on secondment  **extended appt

Cross Appts:

  • Alejandria, Marissa M.                                               
  • Montemayor, Elizabeth S.                                         
  • Roa, Camilo Jr. C.
  • Sandoval, Mark Anthony S.
  • Sedurante, Myrna B.
  • Sison, Eric Oliver D.
  • Tee, Michael L.
  • Nicodemus, Nemencio Jr. A.
  • Tanchuco, Joven Jeremias Q.
  • Jimeno, Cecilia A.
  • Oliva, Raymond V.
  • Tiongco, Richard Henry II P.
  • Veloso, Januario D.
  • Roxas, Evalyn A.

With NIH Appt.:

  • Destura, Raul V.
  • Salvaña, Edsel Maurice T.

Authority to Teach

  • Atienza, Melflor ACardiology

The department has focused incessantly on the improvement of its diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Primary prevention, patient empowerment, and patient education are important causes that medical health professionals must rigorously promote. These causes are taken up by the department via its active role in information dissemination. The patient education pogram is on its way to becoming the first of its kind in the Philippines through HEALTH INFORMED (Health Advocacy for the Laity Through inpatient Forum and Outpatient Reinformed Methods of Education), a project spearheaded by Dr. Mediadora Saniel (Chairperson, 2001 – 2003).


The Department has a 100 bed capacity in two wards – Ward 1 for female patients and Ward 3 for male patients.


The Medical ICU has 12 beds for charity patients.


The department holds daily weekday General Medicine Clinics from 8AM to 5PM at Rooms 122 and 123. The schedule of the subspecialty clinics is shown below.


Main thrust is to become a reference laboratory.

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