Dr. Romeo Gregorio N. Macasaet passed away on March 22, 2020, from complications due to the covid19 virus infection. Greg, as he was fondly called, was a member of Class ’83 of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. His parents were also UP CM graduates, Col. Dr. Romeo and Dr. Esperanza Niduaza Macasaet. He completed his internship and his anesthesiology residency at the Philippine General Hospital. He married a classmate and co-resident in anesthesiology – Dr. Evalyn S.M. Talens. They have a son, Raymond, who excelled in Paralympics sports. 

They practiced at the Manila Doctors Hospital, where both of them were among the most popular anesthesiologists. They were always working as a team, making sure that being at the operating room complex was a pleasant, and even fun, experience. Sometimes, there would even be presents for their surgeons and obstetricians. They were very generous also to the drivers in the MDH parking area and staff at the ORs.

Greg was also known to be a techie, and was a source of gadgets, items and anything one would not yet find in stores.  He sometimes introduces himself as anes (as in Honest) Greg. His merchandise ranged from the badly needed to the most unusual to even things you may not need but would end up buying, like cameras. Well, he was an avid photographer, and even gave tips and lessons, even out of town. He was very thoughtful, generous and friendly.  He was described as always bringing an infectious sunshine with him. Being in the OR always ended being fun, whenever Greg and Evalyn around, yet delivering the best care to our patients.

He was also active Mason, having contributed in many of its projects and activities, including the Keystone Lodge Monument in Corregidor. As a Mason Shriner, he joined the effort to have a building in PGH for crippled children., which was a long-time dream of his.

His caring attitude reflects on all that he does. He hardly ever complains, and he makes sure he is there to help.

When he found out that he was probably infected and he was beginning to feel symptoms, he wrote the following words.

If they intubate me, and place me on ventilator, then the game is almost over! If my wife survives (from COVID-19) then my wish for her, and Raymond for a long and happy life will bear fruition! Raymond, however, needs financial and emotional care for the rest of his life! Something I may no longer be able to fulfill. It is my fervent hope that all of you will assist the rest of my family in our most difficult times. 

We feel we not only lost a close friend, but a part of us as well. But we know he is in a better place, and he will always remain in our hearts and minds.