Healer. Leader. Teacher. Advocate. Scientist. Artist.

The epitome of a multi-faceted physician, Dr. Raul Diaz Jara leaves a profound vacuum not only within the National University Hospital but the larger field of Philippine Cardiology with his untimely passing on to the next life.  The Department of Medicine of the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, while deeply mourning this great loss, also wishes to celebrate a life full of vigor and full of love.A fighting maroon for most of his educational and professional life, Dr. Jara mostly drew his wealth of education from the University of the Philippines (UP High batch 1967, UP Diliman PreMed 1971, UP College of Medicine 1975, UP PGH Internship 1976) but made sure to give back to his alma mater by serving in various capacities (UP Medical Alumni Society President 1999-2000, UP PGH Cardiology Alumni Association Founding President 2011-2013, UP PGH Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Chief 2011-2013, UP PGH Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine 1984-2020).

Despite being a giant in Medicine and Cardiology (Philippine Society of Echocardiography Founding member 1990, Philippine Heart Association President 1999-2000, 9th Asian Pacific Congress on Echocardiography Organizing Committee Chair 2001, 13th Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Honorary Chair 2001, World Congress of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound Organizing Committee Chair 2010) literally and figuratively, Dr. Jara was most revered for his equal passion for the art and science of medicine. He molded minds, challenged norms, and inspired critical thinking and attention to detail.  He showed a genuine appreciation for music and the arts, and was never microphone-shy when it came to public performances.  He modeled how to pursue excellence while maintaining compassion and an undying zeal for patient care.

Dr. Jara was our Amang, a father who led by example and a friend who gave comfort and strength when it was most-needed. He had a unique blend of courage and kindness, the stuff that allowed him to fight valiantly and stay true to his calling until the very end.  He loved our country dearly and dedicated his life in the service of the Filipino people.

We stand in solidarity with his family and friends, praying fervently for his soul to swiftly find its way into the loving embrace of our Lord.  You may finally rest in peace, Amang, knowing that your UP PGH and UPCM family will carry on your legacy of love for medicine and cardiology.  Your special seat during hemodynamics conferences and medical audits may remain empty, but the very special place that you have etched in our hearts will never ever be.

Maraming, maraming salamat po, aming Guro.

Your family at the UP PGH Department of Medicine and the UP College of Medicine