A community of scholars; highly competent in the field of medicine with a heigtened social consciousness; imbued with moral, ethical and spiritual vigor; dedicated to a life of learning; committed to the development of Philippine society; inspired by love, compassion and respect for the dignity of human life; and anchored on the principles of Truth, Freedom, Justice, Love of country and the Democratic way of life.


Guided by moral, ethical and spiritual values; we commit ourselves to excellence and leadership in community-oriented medical education, research and service; using the Primary Health Care Approach; intended especially for the underserved.

We connect the brightest minds in medicine.

With passion and determination, our professors, scholars, and 

innovators come together to discuss medicine’s toughest challenges.

As the ultimate measure of the success of our programs, you, our students, will be treated legitimately as the College stakeholders that you are. The subtle and not-so-subtle changes that will be carried out in the curriculum will all be designed to make you more effective and fulfilled doctors of medicine. You can count on our full support inside and outside the classrooms and laboratories. We will track your progress as you go along until your very last day in the College. All we ask in return are your commitment and your intellectual honesty.

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Agnes D. Mejia, MD
Professor & Dean



Congratulations to our very own Linius Cruz and his teammates (Anthony Kimo Bello – Class 2019 and Frinz Moey Rubio – Class 2020) for being the CHAMPION of the National Medical Quiz Bee in the most recently held 51st Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network National Convention! We are proud of you!

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Dream. You must dream. It is free. Not all of our dreams will come true but it is an excellent exercise to aim for something. Life cannot be free willing. Just like any relationship, you have to invest time to even think of what you want to do in life. When you leave the halls of the Philippine General Hospital, you must have a plan and you have to work to achieve your plan.
Carmencita D. Padilla
UP Manila Chancellor